Diabetes Self-Management

Diabetes in Warrensburg, MO

Diabetes Self-Management

Our Diabetes Self-Management Program is nationally accredited by The American Diabetes Association. It is available to anyone with a diagnosis of diabetes or pre-diabetes. A physician’s referral is usually required.

Each visit consists of meeting with our Registered Dietician, Certified Diabetic Educator and a Registered Nurse Educator who will work to develop a personalized plan that will provide all the information and resources needed to help you be successful at managing your diabetes. Carb counting, meal planning to include dining out, sick time care and medication management (including the use of insulin) are just a few of the topics covered to help you live healthier with this condition.

We also educate women who have gestational diabetes.


Linda Craven, RN, CDE Bonnie McRae, RD, LD Jessica Burgess, RD, LD


Controlling blood glucose levels and A1-C Complications of uncontrolled blood glucose Diet management and carbohydrate counting Medication management/insulin injections Testing/use of a glucose meter Importance of exercise Management of sick days Eating out Controlling blood pressure and cholesterol Treatment of low blood sugars Weight management Myth of sugar-free foods Meal planning